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The Cast Review:  “Starting All Over”

Acting Up in Rye” was again in actin on Friday and Saturday, 27 and 28 March.  Following the very successful pantomime and superlative Opera Evening the choice of a straight play shows the versatility of this group.

“Starting All Over” explored the lives of 5 people in a small rural community ad the devastating effect of a visit by a strong willed, insensitive daughter.  Roz and Daisy are newcomers sharing a home.  Roz hopes her chutney will win the competition and help them to be accepted, Daisy struggling to come to terms with an unwanted divorce.  Felicity Owen-Jones climbing the social ladder by regularly promoting her long retired army husband who “helps out”, one suspects to pay their heavy wine bills and Janet, the vicar, with her own regrets.  At the centre is Joe, the postman, kind, straightforward and oblivious to the emotional currents swirling about him.  Into this walks Arabella determined to reconcile her parents.

These strong, meaty parts  needed dedication to learn.  The characterisation and interaction was excellent.  The pace was good. Time for reflection and “business” was allowed to good effect. The support team was excellent.  A well designed and built set, no wobbly doors here, props in the correct place at the right time and lighting professional.  A smart front of house team welcomed the audience to a very enjoyable evening.  Congratulations to everyone involved.

A Playgoer

1 Mrs Owen-Jones helps out the ladies 2 Judging the poetry 3 Postcard from Arrabella 4 Mother and daughter 5 You gave my chutney to a tramp 6 Poems at midnight 7 Too much whisky 8 Funeral tea 9 The End